Erin Manago

100% recommend this studio for anyone in Honolulu, no matter what skill level you're at! Dance Junction Hawaii (DJH) is an excellent dance studio in Honolulu, offering classes in jazz, ballet, contemporary and hip hop for all ages. The founder and director, Jill Tanioka-Ventura, fosters a safe, fun and and professional environment for her team, which quickly becomes your "second family." She cares deeply about each of her students and is committed to their personal growth-- even outside of dance.

Cianna- Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

I have been under Jill Tanioka-Ventura's direction since I was 5 years old and she has made me into the dancer that I am today. From competing on local, national and international levels, to dancing in college to professionally in the NBA and NFL, I owe to her all of my training. She is amazing with every age and builds skills and teaches lessons that exceed the dance studio. So incredibly thankful for her and Dance Junction Hawaii!

Dr Mindy Chen

Dance Junction Hawaii offers a fun and safe environment to dance and express yourself. The dancers who take class there are supportive and uplifting which allow you to be your best. All levels of dancing are welcomed there as long as you bring a smile and a great attitude. Jill the director is the reason why I dance and has shaped me into the dancer and person I am today. I am blessed to have her in my life and will continue to dance there no matter what age I am!

Maile Kawamura

I have three daughters that have danced with DJH for almost 8 years and we just love this studio. The teachers are really good and my daughters have improved so much in their technique and stage presence. They really enjoy dance and the friendships that they have made. DJH is really a family, and we are so happy to grow together with everyone!

Janell Kent

Highly recommend Dance Junction Hawaii!!! DJH offers a variety of dance classes and provides a safe and inviting environment for dancers of all ages. I was lucky enough to dance for Jill Tanioka-Ventura (the owner & director) from a young age and enjoyed years of instruction. She not only taught me to dance but also taught me about hard work, dedication and above all being a good person. She has been there for my graduation, wedding and just about everything life has thrown at me. The girls I danced with are part of my DJH family and we continue to dance together & laugh together to this day (decades later!). If you're looking for a dance family that will impact your life for the better, join DJH!

Kelly Ralleta

Dance Junction Hawai’i has done an amazing job of helping my keiki to grow in her dancing abilities and confidence! We are so grateful to all of her dance kumus and friends for their support and encouragement in her dance journey! We love DJH and are excited for this next year of dancing. Ellie is looking forward to being apart of the DJH company

J. Whitaker

I have 3 dancers (high school, middle, and elementary ages) at this wonderful studio. Teachers are top notch and very down to earth and warm. Kids and adults learn strong technique, artistry, and improve in a many different styles from jazz to ballet to hip hop, heels, and more. Choreography is outstanding, current, challenging, and productions are high quality. Many adults coming out of this program have become professional dancers in various genres including numerous NFL and NBA dance teams, and we benefit from their master classes when they come home to visit. No divas or scary dance moms here, just dance in a warm and inclusive community. Costs are totally reasonable to boot. Come dance with us :)